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star tattoos on legs

star tattoos on legs. Star Tattoos On Back Of Legs. Star Tattoos The Most Stupid; Star Tattoos The Most Stupid. Mudbug. Oct 5, 09:50 AM. This is apparently a revamp of his
  • Star Tattoos On Back Of Legs. Star Tattoos The Most Stupid; Star Tattoos The Most Stupid. Mudbug. Oct 5, 09:50 AM. This is apparently a revamp of his

  • iJohnHenry
    Mar 2, 05:21 PM
    I have heard that just one can ruin your day. OTOH, Turanga Leela did say that nuclear winter canceled out global warming.

    OK, I think this comes under the heading that the cure is worse than the disease.

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  • Star Foot Tattoos

  • DrupNL
    Dec 27, 07:53 AM
    I guess http://

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  • star tattoos on legs.

  • WildCowboy
    Jan 14, 06:32 PM
    Apple has nothing to do with this (

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  • themadchemist
    Jul 24, 07:49 PM
    just took a look, and these guys have an interesting story about Apple ceasing to use Rendezvous as a brand. I didn't see that on MacRumors, so I might check out Cafe Macs every now and then. Every other site I've seen has had redundant news, but this caught me by surprise.


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  • aross99
    May 5, 10:32 PM
    Do you mean in "Events"? Maybe you clicked on "Photos" in the top right under "Library". Click on "Events" and see if everything is organized the way it was before...

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  • Melrose
    Apr 17, 12:05 PM
    Not really a fan of her's, just thought the pic was cool haha
    Thanks to Melrose for sending me the icons. Hope i gave you a lot to go with now haha

    Dude I love the Download icon. Imma make one for me now :D

    BTW I made one for Bean word processor app if you'd like that too. I'm working on building a central place for the icons. If you want, I can share a folder in Dropbox where we can both have access to the files at any given moment.


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  • X2468
    Apr 7, 04:54 PM
    There's been reports of battery issues to. I haven't tested it myself, but it seems like I'm getting less battery life since 4.3.1, which is what many others have been saying. I don't know how widespread this isssue is, though.

    It seems to be very widespread. Everyone I know that's installed it has the issue.

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  • sikuss
    Feb 2, 07:43 PM

    Riding season almost here in the NE!!


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  • quagmire
    Sep 1, 07:21 AM

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  • R94N
    Dec 1, 04:21 PM
    I like the 'Redwood' wallpaper that comes with the Mac. I'm sure they added more wallpapers to the 'plants' category recently though. It could be just me :p


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  • MisterMe
    Apr 26, 08:43 AM
    MacOS X is not a single-tasking OS. What makes you think that Word is a problem?

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  • applehockey
    Feb 9, 05:14 PM
    Hmm... I have the former 1350 a month plan. :confused: (!/ATT/status/35428287962554368)

    My guess is that you will be covered and get the Unlimited Mobile to Any Mobile (just as the person above is on his family plan which is no longer offered).

    Just wondering, are you paying more or less than the 900 Nation Plan ($59.99) for the 1350 plan which you are grandfathered in to?


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  • cgjohnson
    Feb 20, 01:07 AM
    Hey guys,

    I'm sure that this is a common problem, but I've only seen variations of my problem in the threads I've gone through and none of the suggested fixes from other threads has worked.

    I have a PC running Windows 7 Professional. My iTunes is up to date and I have a 120GB iPod Classic I purchased, oh, maybe 3 years ago? The cord I'm using is the one that came with my 3G iPhone about a year ago and is not damaged.

    When I try to sync my iPod in iTunes, the first time I hook it up to the USB cord, it makes the ding saying that computer recognizes one of the USB ports is in use. Then a notification pops up in the bottom right hand corner saying that the computer is installing software. It will do this for a while and basically nothing happens. It will then randomly make the ding the computer makes when something from a USB port is unplugged, even though I have yet to unplug my iPod and it will say its still installing software. iTunes will not pop up and if I open iTunes it does not recognize that my iPod is plugged in.

    Then if I unplug my iPod and to try and replug it in, my entire iPod will freeze up. It will stay like this for about 6+ hours normally and the battery will be completely drained when it finally unfreezes.

    Now this is where it gets strange...then, if I attempt to sync my iPod again after it no longer frozen, the computer will immediately recognize it, iTunes will pop up, it will sync in like, 1 to 2 minutes and then tell me its OK to Disconnect.

    Then when I try again after a few days, it will do the whole thing all over again, iTunes won't recognize it, the iPod freezes, and then on the second attempt after it unfreezes, syncing it is a breeze!

    My iPhone has NONE of these problems, I plug it in and iTunes immediately recognizes it and syncs it.

    Help? :(

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  • iBecks
    Jun 2, 10:07 AM
    Looks good. :D


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  • kavika411
    Apr 5, 01:06 PM
    There seems to be a lot of confusion between morality and reality in this thread. Let me give a real life experience as example and comparison.

    This past week my children's DVD players were stolen from our vehicle. You know, the kind that attach to the back of the head rest in the automobile. We bought them for long trips, but recently my wife put them in for an extended day of driving with the kids. We had a conversation in which I told her, "honey, we need to take those out of the car now because they can clearly be seen through the windows and that could be all the 'invitation' needed for someone to take them". Guess what happened a few days later, they were stolen.

    It disgusts, angers, and frustrates me that someone would steal from my children. I feel violated that someone feels it is okay for them to take something that they have no right to.

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  • Grade
    Dec 12, 08:13 AM

    That is awsome. Can you give me the link?


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  • jeremy.king
    Dec 16, 04:55 PM
    This link works...for everyone.

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  • Flying Llama
    Aug 13, 05:26 PM
    Went to Catalina Island in California for the 4th of July. The guy was nice enough to let me dock for free so I let him a beer :D (looks like wine but it isn't) :o

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  • parapup
    Apr 27, 05:24 PM
    just out of curiosity.. do you file bug reports?
    i'm pretty guilty of not...

    I used to do it - quite a bit actually. But except for one security bug I filed all of the others pretty much got ignored - that was a big disincentive.

    Nov 19, 05:16 PM
    As a publicity stunt, it is working. Let's say they bought them in bulk from Best Buy or Wal-Mart. They have a couple dozen locations each at 300 units per store all discounted $100. That's a $720,000 total marketing expense for all the publicity you can mooch off Apple. On black friday.


    May 23, 02:51 PM
    I want to buy one on launch day but i am not sure if chapelfields stays open all night or if it closes, the core opening time is 9am the same as Apple so i'm not sure whether or not i should bother, i cant be there long and cannot arrive early either. does anyone have any ideas?

    manu chao
    Apr 4, 01:44 PM
    They're bringing in 40% of their revenue through digital sales because people already abandoned their paper distribution in droves, just like every other publication. People just go to Google News and get access to thousands of different articles on the same topic that are all free.
    You are saying, that the FT is getting a serious revenue stream from online because people just go Google News and get access to thousands of different articles on the same topic that are all free?

    Or did I not follow your logic correctly?

    Aug 20, 04:09 PM
    Some how I don't think you'll get one in here at that price. Head over to the Apple Store and check out the refurbs that went on sale today- you'll save $100 over a new one.

    Oct 9, 03:13 PM
    very nice UI.

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